Wondering How to Get Rid of Ground Ivy?

Every homeowner dreams of having a green, healthy, and beautiful lawn. But to fulfill this dream, you need to work hard. A simple act of ignorance may ruin your idea of a healthy yard.

One of the most challenging problems that every gardener faces is weeds. Who wants fuzzy ground ivy grazing their toes? I’m sure even you don’t want them in your beautiful lawn.

Is your lawn covered with creeping ivy? Once you spot one, you are sure to get more. Yes, I know pretty well about such garden enemies. Are you wondering how to get rid of ivy to regain your healthy yard?

Well, there was a time when the creeping Charlie had taken over my beautiful lawn. At that time, even I had faced similar troubles. The ivy keeps on multiplying until it turns enormous.

Luckily, I can help you to deal with the weeds infestation. Here are some easy and best ways to get rid of creeping ivy and boost your meadow’s health:

What is Creeping Charlie?

Ground or creeping ivy is popularly known as creeping Charlie. It is an edgy green leaf that grows delicate violet flowers.

But don’t let its charm befool you. It is a weed that finishes off your grasses and flower beds. It can ruin your lawn in a blink. So, you better control them.

Why Should you Get Rid of ivy?

The creeping Charlie is a major threat to the other plants, trees, and grasses on your lawn. The problems it bears are:

  • Lush ivy takes away the nutrients, aggressively leaving nothing for your grass or plants.
  • It blocks the chance of getting sunlight for your plants and turfs.
  • It gives shelter to other pests and weeds.

Why is Controlling Creeping Charlie Difficult?

The innocent-looking creepy ivy is a hard-to-control weed. It is because:

  • It grows every year rapidly if not attended on time.
  • It spreads a bunch of roots, making it difficult to cut off.

Still, it is not too late. You can remove the stubborn weeds with the perfect tools and guidelines.

How to Get Rid of Ground-ivy?

Getting rid of ground-ivy is vital to boost the turfs in your lawns. Whether you want to use a natural process or chemical method, I’ve listed all possible ways to kill the ivy and prevent future growth:

  1. Pulling out using hands

You may find it a little tough to pull the roots of the vine with hands. It is because it has firm spread roots. Follow the steps:

  • Make sure you wear gloves first.
  • Pulling out the green ivy seems more natural if your lawn is moist and wet.
  • So, after watering your grass or rain, start the process.
  • I would ask you to hold their stems close to the soil and pull firmly.
  1. Use protecting covering

Is a small area of your lawn ruined by ivy? Then this simple covering method can prove to be the best option for you. In this case:

  • Put a protecting cover on the patch of creeping Charlie.
  • Use a covering to block the passage of sunlight completely.
  • For a rapid action, use a mulch. This way, the terrestrial ivy will starve.
  1. Spray herbicides

Barehand pulling the lush ivy or smothering doesn’t work for your yard? Then I would suggest using herbicides.

  • First of all, identify the type of ivy in your yard.
  • Choose the suitable broadleaf herbicides containing dicamba.
  • Mix well and spray everywhere you spot creeping Charlie.
  • If you mix 2, 4-D, and Alligare 90, herbicides stick firmly on the creeping ivy.
  1. Vinegar application

Want to use organic chemicals to remove the creepy ivy? My advice would be to apply vinegar. Steps to kill ivy using vinegar are:

  • Get yourself a garden sprayer. Fill it with water and white vinegar in the ratio 4:1
  • Spray the vinegar generously right on the terrestrial ivy.
  • Make sure not to harm the other plants.
  • Continue it every week until you see dead and brown creeper.
  • Later, remove them with roots.
  1. Spreading borax-soap solution

You can also give a try to cover organic solutions like borax. It is quite simple to use:

  • Make a mixture of borax and water.
  • Spread the mixture on the patch of the ivy utilizing a pump sprayer.
  • Be careful not to spray it on the innocent plants.
  • I would recommend you use it every few weeks.

Special Tips

No matter which way you choose to get rid of the ivy. Keep in mind the following things:

  • Always wear gloves while pulling the ivy roots.
  • If you want to mow the grassy and creepy ivy, I would say you better use lawn mowers or trimmers.
  • For mulching, black covers are the best. Cardboards or tarp can even come in handy.
  • Allow enough sunlight to reach your lawn.

So, don’t make the mistake of growing creeping ivy. I would say it is better if you kill it the moment you see it—no need to get tensed if the creepy Charlie has already spread. You can still get rid of them following the mentioned steps.

No more ground ivy. Healthy yard on your way!

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