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Welcome to Secretgardenhelp folks! Here, we offer and provide you with some accessible and practical guidance and inspiring pieces or stories, that assist you in turning your house into a loving home. Every month, more than 200,000 readers get benefitted from us by learning about topics including garden, home development, automotive care, and eventually bring them back to their confidence level that helps them to finally handle the DIY project they’ve been scared of starting or finishing off.

We have written catalogs with over 1000 posts that include how-to-dos and reviews. It is written by our passionate and complete team of experts, including expert woodworkers, plumbers, professional contractors, and landscapers.

Hence, no matter if you need some help to retile your washroom, grab on the best hammer, troubleshoot issues with your lawnmower or simply want to have more skills being a gardener or handyman, we are right here to take you through the path!

About Steve Merchant

Steve Merchant, Founder and Professional Gardener

After a long time of experience, I can claim that I am qualified enough to give you some gold standard tricks and strategies for gardening. Hi! If you are new to this website, I would love to introduce myself. I am Steve merchant. I love gardening. So, out of the hobby, I started making a small garden ahead of my yard. Now I can proudly say that I run large gardens of thousand acres.

You should rear a plant as like as you rear your child. You have to know the perfect time of watering them, provide them with the best organic fertilizer. Removal of weeds at a definite interval is a must-done duty of an enthusiastic gardener.

I have elaborately discussed all the issues regarding gardening in different articles on our website. All the information is based on personal experience, experts’ advice, and analyzing years of data.

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Our review process

At Secretgardenhelp, we are happy and proud to provide in-depth guidance for various gears and other products. Not only, will we help you to track the best products of a certain category, but we will also provide useful information on what things we should look for while purchasing those items, and how you may get the best service out of these tools.

The ranking process we go through is based on tons of features including, performance, user popularity, user rankings, preferences, on at least several month’s uses, affordability, and so on. According to our belief, we think it is necessary to know what the actual clients or customers are saying about the respective products and services, to make sure you get to have a wider perspective on the product quality rather than just the product view of the company.

It is seen that many review sites have the tendency to rank the products based on their prices only. The performance or quality must be valued but considering the price is equally necessary. This is why, for your convenience, we choose a few categories to put the products in, including, ‘Best Value’, ‘Premium Choice’ etc. products for every gear guide we provide. With this, you can completely and unhesitatingly rely on our guides to give you total knowledge and info that you need to make a better purchase choice. For your ease, we carry out most of the critical analysis and in-depth research to give you the most crucial knowledge about any specific product you may want to purchase.

Our Testing Methodology 

Trust us, product ranking with an in-depth buying guide is not as easy as it sounds. We need to spend countless hours testing the various products, researching, analyzing and finally reaching out to customers. Afterwards, we go through the rating or ranking procedure of each product on the basis of different essential factors. We put emphasis on these points, especially, on the price, quality, performance, warranty and actual customer ratings.

If we consider the average, it takes more than 10 hours for us in compiling a single buying guide. Yes, it is indeed a very long time, but when these guides help hundreds and thousands of people including you to make a more solid, faster and convenient decision in buying a product, then these hours are definitely worth it for us!