6 Best Fertilizer Spreader to Buy in 2022 (Top Picks for Your Lawn)

Lawn seed is occasionally dispersed randomly without a spreader’s help, resulting in a patchwork lawn with some portions being dense and others being scarce. If you use a spreader, you can prevent this problem.

Applying granular lawn treatments evenly throughout the whole surface of the grass using a lawn spreader has optimal effects. Different types of Fertilizers may also cause grass fires if sprayed too thickly.

Utilizing fertilizer spreaders to ward against insect infestations is a viable option. Spreaders allow for the application of various lawn treatments, including fertilizer, grass seed, insecticide, weed killer, and lime, amongst others.

It does so in a consistent, quick, and effective way, protecting you from the potentially dangerous effects of any substances. If they get icy, you might use it out of season to spread salt on your walks and driveway. There is very little to no waste produced by the product, and a large amount of time and effort may be saved by using it.

Spreaders are available in several different designs, including manual, portable, push-along, and tow-behind models. Based on user feedback, this is a list of the best lawn and garden fertilizer spreaders.

Best Pick

Lesco High Wheel Fertilizer Spreader

Lesco High Wheel Fertilizer Spreader


Editor’s Choice

Spyker P70-12010 Commercial Drop Spreader

Spyker P70-12010 Commercial Drop Spreader


Budget Pick

TECHTONGDA 220lb Fertilizer Spreader ATV Fertilizer Ice-melt seed spreader

TECHTONGDA 220lb Fertilizer Spreader ATV Fertilizer Ice-melt seed spreader


6 Best Fertilizer Spreader

A fertilizer spreader is an essential piece of equipment when weeding and fertilizing a garden. It encourages the suitable and healthy growth of the plants and trees in your yard. With the assistance of these tools, it is possible to distribute a wide variety of garden necessities, including compost, seeds, ice melt, weed killer, and other similar substances, uniformly.

They are an absolute need for everyone who owns a lawn since they are designed to guarantee that an even distribution of fertilizer is maintained throughout the whole area. This necessitates the employment of a high-quality spreader, which is more efficient than spreading tasks by hand.

1. Lesco High Wheel Fertilizer Spreader

Lesco High Wheel Fertilizer Spreader

Due to its adaptability to a variety of terrains and its rust-proof construction, this Lesco spreader is a top pick for lawn care professionals. This tractor can haul up to 50 pounds of fertilizer, seed, or ice melt thanks to its big pneumatic tires and excellent traction on sloping and uneven terrain. 

A high-quality equipment that may be used by landscapers in their work. Ideal for those who own a lot of land.

Lesco high-wheel fertilizers are ideal for rural areas where a few acres need to be fertilized. Using this method, the job will be completed in a fast and effective manner. Because of the huge tires on which it is constructed, this dry-pellet spreader is able to spread more evenly. 

A dispenser sits directly below the green plastic reservoir and distributes the grains evenly throughout the spreading wheel’s surface. Tires spread out evenly and are able to handle difficult terrain, such as stones and sharp curves in the ground, with ease.

Due to its large reservoir, this type is often used by landscape contractors for garden care jobs. With its stainless steel frame, the Lesco may be left outdoors overnight without fear of corrosion. If you live on an estate or have a garden larger than 3-acres, you could benefit from using this model.

However, it’s overkill for small yards, and you would do better with the Solo 421.


  • Total square footage covered: 12,000
  • The width of its spread is 12 feet
  • Material: Plastic
  • An excellent option for landscaping specialists
  • High-capacity
  • Large tires provide mobility and stability on rough terrain
  • Handle that can be adjusted
  • The product is well-built and simple to use
  • It spreads evenly
  • Covers a broad region
  • The ability to traverse uneven ground with ease
  • Granular fertilizers can be used
  • Durable design withstands the harshest of conditions
  • Non-warranty
  • Small gardens should avoid this
  • Assembly is time-consuming
  • The damper might be difficult to close
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2. Spyker P70-12010 Commercial Drop Spreader

Spyker P70-12010 Commercial Drop Spreader

The Spyker P70-12010 Commercial Drop Spreader will give both an accurate flow rate and a balanced spread pattern for the application. When used to distribute a range of materials all year long, you are spreading fertilizer on new lawns in the spring or laying down ice melt to ice-stricken areas in the winter. 

This commercial drop spreader is great for professional lawn, turf, and golf course industries. It features two side-by-side hoppers that can be filled with 120 lb. of overall capacity.

Fill both hoppers for a 3′ (36″) widespread, but just one for a 1.5′ (18″) spread in confined areas. During the warmer months, this machine has a wide variety of functions, including but not limited to spreading topsoil and fertilizer on lawns and grass, applying ice melt in areas where there is a problem with ice, and many other similar tasks. The precision of this drop spreader is nothing short of astonishing.

The seed will fall precisely where you want it to when you scatter it. There is no need to worry about burning the grass or boosting soil pH levels when applying ice melt to sidewalks or roads. Large pneumatic wheels measuring 13 inches by 5 inches offer even weight distribution and provide for a more fluid spreading motion. These wheels are totally air-filled. 

You will have a greater grip on grass and turf as a result of the tread-free wheels since you won’t have to struggle with the spreader to produce spins.


  • A hopper that can hold 120 pounds.
  • The frame is made of powder-coated steel.
  • A total of 36 “spread out size.
  • 5″ wide wheels with a diameter of 13″.
  • Spread rate of a precision cam gauge.
  • Chain and rod gate control.
  • Commercial drop spreaders are used to distribute grass seed, fertilizer, and ice melt for newly established lawns and slick sidewalks
  • Rutting is minimized by the use of 135″ heavy-duty pneumatic tires with grass tread
  • It’s ideal for sidewalks
  • Due to the standard 36″ sidewalk width, you can apply ice melt to icy sidewalks and driveways to the pavement’s edge without burning the grass or changing the soil’s ph
  • Enables you to modify the size of the spread
  • This spreader tends to waste more materials than the broadcast spreader
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3. TECHTONGDA 220lb Fertilizer Spreader ATV Fertilizer Ice-melt seed spreader

TECHTONGDA 220lb Fertilizer Spreader ATV Fertilizer Ice-melt seed spreader

Easy calibration controls feature a locking dial to help you get to work and get the job done more accurately. Efficiently Large-capacity hopper holds 220 lbs of seed fertilizer ice melt and more to maximize the time spent spreading vs Refilling the Ideal hopper size for yards 1 acre or larger Universal hookup a single heavy-duty universal hitch is included to easily attach the spreader to any rider or tractor and most any ztr or atv.

Autoflow technology prevents fertilizer from spreading when the tractor stops, reducing waste and burns. Lasting durability all parts are durable, including a heavy polyethylene hopper with stainless steel hardware spinner shaft and agitator. 

This ATV Broadcast Spreader conveniently connects to any ATV or tractor to broadcast seed and fertilizer. This spreader may be attached to either the front or the back of your ATV or tractor’s rack.


  • 12V battery, 150W horizontal motor.
  • Volume range: 265lbs (120Kg), 1-10 meters.
  • Hopper measurements: 73.5cm*54.5cm*44.5cm.
  • Fertilization: urea 20-150kg, compound fertilizer 30-180kg.
  • The large hopper carries 220 pounds of seed, fertilizer, ice melt, and more to increase spreading time. Ideal for 1 Acre yard!
  • Tow-Behind Broadcast Spreader evenly distributes fertilizer
  • Autoflow prevents material from spreading when the tractor stops, preventing waste and fires
  • Universal hitch includes an easy attachment to any rider, tractor, ZTR, or ATV
  • All components are sturdy, including the hopper, spinner shaft, and agitator
  • Easy calibration and locking dials enable you to operate precisely and effectively
  • Clean-up time may be extended if the product gets in unwanted places
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4. Master Gardener S125-S All-Purpose Broadcast Garden Fertilizer

Master Gardener S125-S All-Purpose Broadcast Garden

The Stainless Steel Master Gardener Pro All-Purpose Spreader is constructed with high-quality materials to ensure its durability. The S-125 N All Season Spreader, which has a capacity of 125 pounds, may be used to distribute various materials, including fertilizer, seed, and salt. 

The S-125 N spreader comes with a deflector kit ready to install. Compared to poly wheels, its maneuverability is improved because of the pneumatic tires equipped on it.

A setting control may be found on the handle of the spreader, allowing for fine-tuned adjustments to be made. In contrast to gears made of nylon or polymer, this one has a steel gear that is encased, making it more resistant to the elements and more dependable overall. 

Grease fittings are included on the bearings, which helps to increase the spreader’s life as well as the bearings’ life. It has a simple method for adjusting the spread to the desired level. It comes with a simple construction process that should only take ten minutes to complete. There is the protection offered against the rain and the screen.


  • Broadcast Spreader 125 lb. Commercial Grade.
  • Spreading Range: 10′ to 12′.
  • Pneumatic tires
  • EZ Three-step assembly.
  • An airtight gearbox
  • All Stainless Steel Parts and Axle Hardware.
  • Includes a Rain Cover and a Screen
  • This hand-held spreader is ideal for the season and is designed for distributing seed, fertilizer, and salt
  • The cart’s net weight (wheels included) is 38.41 lb, making it simple to lift and push
  • The hopper’s side includes a storage net and a rain cover. The stainless steel gearbox also has metal gears
  • Stainless steel is used for the hopper and pivot shaft to maximize spreader longevity and control
  • There are 10-12 foot spreads with a spreader that can hold 125 pounds
  • To improve the accuracy of the application, it is necessary to maintain a consistent and uniform speed
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5. INTBUYING Fertilizer Spreader Trailer Broadcast Spreader 220LB

INTBUYING Fertilizer Spreader Trailer Broadcast Spreader 220LB

Dent-proof poly hopper is capable of carrying 220 pounds of seed, fertilizer, and other materials, which allows for less time to be spent reloading the hopper and more time to be spent spreading. Recommended for homes with at least one acre of land. Fertilizers won’t harm the agitator, spinner shaft, or hopper since they’re made of high-quality polyethylene.

The fittings on the hopper are made of stainless steel. A broadcast spreader that is pulled behind may be used to apply the fertilizer in an even layer. It is constructed to operate at a level that is suitable for professionals. Waste and burns may be avoided with the use of auto flow technology, which puts a halt to the distribution of material once the tractor is halted.

On the calibration controls, you’ll find a locking dial, which will support you in getting to work and finishing the job at hand with better precision and efficiency. In the event that you need to attach the spreader to your rider or tractor, you will find a heavy-duty universal Hitch included in the package.


  • Size range: At least 265lbs.
  • Package dimensions: 40.94*28.35*28.35 inch
  • Measuring fertilization: 20-150kg of urea, 30-180kg of compound fertilizer
  • Rear wheels distribute fertilizer.
  • If you’re looking to get the most out of your time spent spreading then filling the 220lb poly dent-resistant poly hopper, this is the best option!
  • Ideal for 1 Acre In yards
  • The robust polyethylene hopper with stainless steel fittings, spinner shaft, and agitator are all built to withstand corrosive fertilizers
  • The fertilizer may be applied uniformly. It’s meant for professional-level outcomes. Autoflow technology prevents waste and burns by stopping the distribution of material while the tractor is stopped
  • Calibration controls incorporate a locking dial to help you operate more correctly and effectively
  • Hard to manage product flow and may toss it into unneeded regions. Application around flower beds will be challenging due to the unpredictable swath and product impact.
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6. Spintech Hitch-Mount Seed, Salt, and Fertilizer Multi-Spreader

Spintech Hitch-Mount Seed, Salt, and Fertilizer Multi-Spreader

The Spintech Hitch Mount Seed, Salt, and Fertilizer Multi-Spreader have a capacity that can handle up to 100 pounds of feed or seed at one time. This amount, measured in grams, represents the weight of yellow corn. This spreader is guaranteed to remain leak-free thanks to the proprietary spinner technology developed by SpinTech.

SpinTech is superior to other options because of its proprietary on-demand open/close shut-off, which prevents leaking even when the motor is turned off. Designed for use on ATVs, UTVs, and vehicles that have a receiver that is 2 inches wide. There is a possibility that this upgrade is necessary for UTVs that already have receiver attachments integrated into their beds.

The Polypropylene Hopper is an excellent choice for fertilizer distribution. A Single Spray Pattern that also includes a Backplate to protect the vehicle from the spray. You may spread either small and large seeds or granules using a system that has an adjustable feed or seed flow. These spreaders come with agitators already installed. There is a cord available that is 25 feet in length and with an on/off toggle switch.

The necessary assembly is not difficult at all. There is a very clear and simple owner’s manual that is easy to understand. The stainless steel material may be found in both the shaft and the coupling of the Spintech Hitch-Mount Seed. They made use of a Heavy Duty 12 Volt Motor.


  • Hopper volume: 2.575 FT.
  • Assembled weight – 35 lbs.
  • Assembled Height: 33″ 
  • Width assembled – 17”
  • With shields, it spreads to a distance of 10 feet or up to 20 feet without shields.
  • Heavy-duty 12-Volt motor.
  • A single-direction spray.
  • Adjustable speed/feed flow for tiny and big seed/granules.
  • Corrosion-resistant polypropylene hoppers are ideal for spreading fertilizer
  • Attaches to the receiver hitch of atvs, utvs, and trucks measuring 2 inches
  • Powered by a cord that is 25 feet long and connects to an accessory outlet in a vehicle. Comes with a toggle switch
  • Spread small and large seeds or granules with an adjustable feed or seed flow system
  • The unique on-demand open/close shut-off from Spin Tech helps avoid leaking even when the motor is turned off
  • To improve the precision of the application, you must move slowly yet steadily
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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the proper procedure for cleaning a fertilizer spreader?

It is necessary to empty the hopper. The spreader should be cleaned by blowing it out with compressed air or wiping it off with a cloth to remove any grains or residue that may have been left behind.

First, check the spreader’s nooks and moving parts for any traces of dirt, and then clean it completely. Before using the spreader, make sure it is totally dry. Avoid exposing it to bright sunlight at all costs.

What is the best way to use a spreader for fertilizer?

You can determine the appropriate settings for the product you are distributing by consulting the owner’s manual that came with your spreader. The product’s packaging shows how much of the product should be applied to an area that is 1,000 square feet.

Put as much of the product as possible to cover the region you wish to tidy up in the hopper until it is full. Apply pressure to the handle and start at one side of the yard, moving in straight lines parallel to one another until the area is covered with the right setting for the material you spread.

Can I mix liquid and grains in my spreader?

Certain models are capable of simultaneously processing grains and liquids. These kinds of portable spreaders are excellent examples of spreaders that can distribute both liquid and solid fertilizer at the same time. The vast majority of chest-mounted spreaders can distribute granules and powders, in contrast to cart-mounted spreaders, which typically only spread granules.

Is it possible to use organic fertilizer in a fertilizer spreader?

Regardless of the type, the purpose of fertilizer spreaders is to disperse granules. Although composted soil is perfect for lawns, it is difficult for mechanical spreaders to work with. Utilize this strategy to guarantee that the materials are distributed evenly throughout the grass instead of spreading them across the lawn using a shovel and rake.

How do you determine what size spreader to get for your lawn?

If you have the correct spreader, you’ll be able to cover the whole yard with only one load of material. To figure this out, first assess the square footage of your lawn or garden and then compare that number to the spreader’s maximum capacity, measured in feet per hour. Since it will take less time to refill the spreader’s hopper, you’ll be able to devote more of your time to tend to your magnificent lawns.

Is a fertilizer spreader necessary for my garden?

No matter how large or small your yard is, fertilizer spreaders may be able to assist you in maintaining a lawn that looks at its absolute best throughout the growing season. There’s a fertilizer spreader for just about every circumstance. You can locate the appropriate fertilizer spreader for your garden if you know what you need and where to seek it.

With the assistance of fertilizer spreaders, you can ensure that your grass retains its lush and healthy appearance throughout the year. The grass will have a denser appearance and a darker green color, giving the impression that there is more fullness.


Applying insecticides, fertilizers, and other fertilizers is much simpler when high-quality fertilizer spreaders are employed. It is possible to cover a bigger region with very little effort.

Hopefully, this buyer’s guide can answer some of your questions, regardless of how specific they may be. With the knowledge that you’ve gained from reading this article, you should be able to choose a perfect fertilizer spreader to use on your lawn and flowerbeds.

Your yard will always look fantastic if you have an excellent spreader, an adequate lawn mower, and an excellent weed-eater!

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