What is a Lawn Tiller?

A gardener for years knows how essential a lawn tiller is. But if you are a beginner, then you may require a tiller at some point, no matter which one it is. So, if I am asked what a lawn tiller is, I would reply to the essential outdoor gardening tool is a lawn tiller.

Lawn Tiller for a Fruitful Garden

No matter whatever the size of your garden is, you want it to be productive, isn’t it? Most of the time, the soil isn’t garden ready. Mostly it is found to be not ideal for the garden. Either it is compacted with hard rocks, weeds, or the ground is just too lumpy for tree plantation. This is why you need to toil your soil to make it ideal for growing plants.

A lawn tiller helps you To loosen up your soil and to make it ready for planting. No matter how much expensive fertilizers you use, the base needs to be perfect first. If you want to know more about the usage of lawn tiller, give it a read what is a tiller used for.

Types of Lawn Tiller

Usually, two types of fillers are widely used. They are

  • Front time tiller 
  • Rear tine tiller 

These are the two most common types of tillers, making your hard soil a beautiful garden bed. Well, there is another type of tillers found these days that is less popular to the consumers. It is the mid tine tiller.

Front Tine Till​​​​er

A front tine tiller has its blade in the front of the engine and wheels. They are typically smaller than that of rear ones. The tines on the font are used to dig the earth, leaving the wheels. The tines of front tine tillers help the machine to move forward for digging. The front tine tillers are much easier to maneuver. Such ease of use made it so popular among the gardeners.

What’s so good with front tine tillers?

  • The front tine tillers are affordable, lightweight, and so easy to roam with it.

 What’s not so special?

  • The strength level is a bit less compared to the tiller for which a bit extra leverage is needed. Moreover, it is also not suitable for virgin soil.

If your garden is restricted to tight corners or you owe just a medium or small-sized backyard, then a front tine tiller is the best choice. Here are the 5 BEST FRONT TIN TILLER OF 2020 in case you need one.

Rear Tine Tiller

Rear tine tillers are best for extensive gardens. They are typically made for professional gardening. Rear tine tillers are sturdy and heavy at the same time. Moreover, they are expensive compared to front tine tillers.

The rear time tillers may have more than one gear that helps the tiller to move forward. Though there are some on the market found reverse gears. The blades of the rear tine tillers are capable of counter-rotating.

What’s so special about rear tine?

  • The heavy-duty machinery is built to break soil till composting. The wheels and tines can function separately. Moreover ta just perfect for breaking virgin ground.

What’s not so special?

  • Well, this professional machine is an expensive one needing much more space. It is a bit to move around with it. Moreover, it’s a mini cultivator

Rear time tillers are just the best for severe professional gardeners with a large garden. Though the rear-tine planters are a bit expensive, they are worth the money. Here are the five best rear tine tillers of 2020 in case if you need one. On the other hand, if you have a tight budget and searching something in low, then you can have a read at the best rear tine tiller under $1000

Which One to Go For?

Well, if you have a small garden of your own, then you can prepare it best with a front tine tiller. In the other hand, a professional large sized garden will surely need a rear tine tiller for a beautiful garden bed. If you have a new ground to till you can watch out for the best farmer for breaking new ground. 

In Conclusion

I hope it’s clear, “what is a lawn tiller” a lawn tiller is some that you will need to make your soil garden ready.

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