Plants That Grow in Hot Weather

If you are a gardener of hot and humid weather, then this content is a must-read for you. Plants that grow in warm weather are hard to find and sometimes and difficult to take care of. There are plants which, when exposed to the sun, get dull in minutes, and some of them never actually grow in summer. Besides, the same plant out of different varieties can grow in both summer and winter or throughout the year.

That is why we thought of drafting a list so that you could grow and maintain a beautiful garden bed even in the hottest season.

Heat tolerant plants that grow in summer

You cannot just grow random plants in any season. Plants do have seasonal preferences indeed. Here are some of the plants that grow well in the hot weather. For our ease, we divided our listing into two types, and they are heat tolerant vegetables and heat tolerant perennials.

Vegetable to grow in hot weather –

  • Tomato
  • Pepper
  • Squash
  • Melons
  • Corn and beans


With very minimal care, you can grow fruitful tomatoes. Tomatoes are a must need in the salad, especially in the summer, right? Though tomatoes are available throughout the winter, there are summer or heat-tolerant hybrids you can grow even in the hottest weather. The hybrid tomatoes for summer are namely: grape, Florida, big beef, sweet porter homestead, and sun master. Even in 32 Celsius, the plants can grow without any hazard.

Zucchini and squash

They both are an extensive choice to grow in the hot weather. As long as you can take good care of these two plants, which can grow them well in a voluminous amount. Because of its easy grow in the summer squashes are quite popular in the south and Central America.

Some squashes to grow in the summer

  • Cocozelle zucchini
  • Zucchini dunja
  • Summer zephyr
  • Black beauty zucchini
  • Croocknock yellow squash.
  • Summer early
  • Prolific straight neck
  • Scallop
  • Blend and so on.

Growing peppers for hot weather

Peppers and tomatoes both belong to the nightshade branch, and they both grow and sustain well in warm, humid weather. They can be an exclusive choice of hot, whether tropical regions of central and North America are an ideal reign to grow peppers.

Some heat-tolerant peppers are

  • Marconi and bell peppers
  • Eggplant
  • Jalapeno
  • Hot pepper
  • Corona sweet bell pepper
  • Lipstick fresh pepper and so on


Summer cant is fulfilled without melons, right? The reason for the excellent availability of melons in the summer is that it grows well in hot weather. This fruit belongs to the same groups as squash, zucchini, cucumbers that are cucurbit.

Some of the heart tolerant melons are

  • Honeydew melons
  • Delicious 51 cantaloupe
  • Crimson Sweet watermelon
  • Cantaloupe hales best

Corn and beans

Corn and beans are great heat-tolerant plants. Central and South American regions are the native regions to grow corn. You can grow limitless beans in the summer. The specialty of beans is that they grow best in scorching weather. Only fava beans require winter to grow and survive.

Some corns to grow in summer

  • Golden beauty
  • Peaches and sweet cream corn
  • Reids yellow dent corn
  • Fiorani red flint corn
  • Kandy corn hybrid

Some heat-tolerant beans to grow in summer

  • Zipper cream
  • Green bush bean
  • Scarlet emperor and so on

So, these were some of the vegetables that grow in hot weather. Now keeping the vegetables aside, there are some heat-tolerant perennials that you can grow in your garden in the summer.


A beautiful plan that you can ever add to your garden in summer is the yucca plant. This plant especially grows in desert and sandy like dry soil. Yucca plants can survive in scorching weather, even I the temperature 10f. Southwestern united states are the native region to grow yucca plants.

Some extremely heat tolerant yucca plants are

  • Color Guard Yucca
  • Arizona Yucca Plant
  • Texas Red Yucca
  • Adam’s Needle
  • Bell-flowered Red Yucca
  • Banana Yucca


To make your floral garden more beautiful in the summer, you can add beautiful Echinacea. This is a perennial that you can maintain with very minimal care. They will grow the best in low-quality sandy soil. This plant brings useful insects to your garden, increasing your garden’s utility.

Some coneflowers that you can grow in the summer are

  • Purple Coneflower Flower
  • Tangerine Dream Coneflower
  • Lime Green Bonsai Coneflowers
  • Red Ruby Echinacea
  • White Petals Purple Centre
  • Magnus Echinacea Seeds
  • White Swan Coneflower

Apart from all these perennials, some other essential perennials to beautify your garden are:

  • Clematis  (particularly; Carnaby clematis, Nelly Moser clematis, president clematis, pink champagne clematis, valorous royal clematis)
  • Daylilies ( particularly; wild day lily, stargazer oriental lilies, starlette day lily, Pandora’s box day lily and so on)
  • Butterfly weed (particularly; autumn glaze, pink milkweed, monarch flower seeds, Mexican butterfly weed and so on)

Ultimately there are the plants that grow in hot weather. You can choose any of them to beautify your garden in the summer. Happy summer, gardening!

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