Best Soil for Cherry Trees in 2022

No matter what the desert is, I like to have it with a cherry on top. This adds an extra delicious dimension to the desert. Being a gardener and cherry fan as well years ago, I thought of growing cherries on my own. So, today, I wanted to talk about some parameters to grow cherries, especially about the best soil for cherry trees to grow. So let’s jump right into it!

Soil Preference for Cherry Trees

The preferred soil for cherry trees is a bit different. They mostly grow in light sandy soil. The sandy soil needs to be enough or moderately fertile, along with a perfect drainage system. For a fruitful cherry plantation, you need to take outstanding care of the roots. If the drainage system of the soil isn’t complete, then the roots will quickly get rotten.

Before planting the cherry tree, be sure to give a soil check. If you have sandy soil or soil of any other kind the area you are living in, then you may need to upgrade it for sure. Adding up some manure or compost may help you do it.

Preparing Your Soil

The first thing you should do is to check your well. There are lots of digital soil checking meters to review, or else you can send it to the local institution for a test. After you see the result, you can identify the lacking. Common lackings include lackings in nutrients, ph level, organic matter, etc.

You can rectify those lacking by correcting ph level, adding up fertilizers, and making well-drained soil.

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The Perfect ph Level

Raising a cherry tree requires an exact level of ph. The ph level of sour cherries differs from that of sweet ones. Though sweet and sour cherries may grow in the same soil, the ph level needs to be maintained well.

Sweet cherries grow best in the ph level between 6.3 to 7.2, where else sour cherries grow well in 6.0 to 7.0 oh level.


Sweet cherries are more popular than that of sour ones and commonly available in any market. Sweet cherries mainly grow in plant hardiness zone ranging from 5 to 7. This self-stabilized plants can be best grown in a large orchard.

As sour cherries have the ability of self-fertilization you need not do a lot with. They typically grow best in soil hardiness zone 4 to 6

Improving Your Clay Soil

A dense and heavy clay soil definitely needs improvement. You need to work for the drainage facility to that the soil’s drains very well, and the root doesn’t root easily. You can add up some peat moss or compost to improve the structure.

How to do (compost)

If your clay soiling that much thick, a single bag of soil will work great. The compost will decrease the thickness of the ground, increasing the overall soil fertilization. The process is just so easy, and if you are a beginner, you can also do it. Just dig a hole and thoroughly mix it.

How to do (peat moss)

Coir or peat moss helps to improve the drainage facility of the soil. But the fact is adding up peat moss or coir leaves a significant effect on the level of ph of the land. So adding peat moss or coir is an excellent choice if you want to make an alteration in the soil ph.

If you want to lower the ph level then you can easily add a significant amount of peat moss to get a fruitful result. So, if your sandy soil is alkaline, peat moss would be very much useful. On the other hand, using coir will not make any alteration to your soil.

Regular Fertilization to Raise it Healthy

To get the best soil for cherry trees, you need to fertilize your soil at least once a year. You can do it before a month of spring blooming. In early spring, you can feed your soil in 5-10-10 ratio with lo nitrogen fertilizer. Try to avoid nitrogen-enriched fertilizers, especially in late summer.

The usage of high nitrogen fertilizers in the late summer is very much vulnerable to the infection of the brown root. You do not need more nitrogen fertilizers if you have planted your Yard that has regular fertilization because it already has enough of it. In this case, you can add a similar fertilizer in 0- 10-10 ratio.


It would be best if you plant your cherry tree in sandy soil. If you don’t have so, you will definitely need to make some soil improvements.

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