Top 5 Best Rear Tine Tiller of 2022 [Best Pick and Reviews]

What is the precondition of letting a flower blossom? well, you certainly have to water the plant and ensure enough sunlight and ventilation reaching the plant. Similarly, for gardening or vegetable cultivation, the pre-requisite is to prepare the ground properly so that the soil condition is right for the later procedures. Tilling brings downward soil on the top and vice-versa. So, what is the necessity for this? This mixing or churning procedure helps the soil nutrients to reach all parts of the ground so that the whole area provides an ideal condition for cultivation.

As gardeners, we are already aware of the use of tillers, aren’t we? If you are a beginner in this ground or do not have enough information, then let me briefly discuss the properties and functions of a tiller.

Best Pick
YARDMAX YT4565 Dual Rotating Rear Tine Tiller
YARDMAX YT4565 Dual Rotating Rear Tine Tiller
Editor’s Choice
Champion 19-Inch Dual Rotating Rear Tine Tiller
Champion 19-Inch Dual Rotating Rear Tine Tiller
Budget Pick
Southland SRTT212 Rear Tine Tiller
Southland SRTT212 Rear Tine Tiller

The Best Rear Tine Tillers Reviews

What are the features that ensure the best quality of your rear tine tiller? When investing in a rear tine tiller, there are some basic studies and researches you need to make. You need to check if the engine is powerful enough to undergo heavy tilling in the uneven ground. The material, strength, and durability of the tines and structure of wheels is another important point to consider. Apart from that since rear tines sometimes make tilling difficult in narrow places, so you need to look out for additional features that can carry out this function easily. The list below contains some of our top picks based on their function usage, properties, and convenience. Some of the best rear tine tillers are-

1. YARDMAX YT4565 Dual Rotating Rear Tine Tiller – Best Pick


Out of the 100 models of rear tine tillers now available in the market the YARDMAX YT4565 Dual Rotating tine tiller is regardless among the best. It is indeed the best dual rotating rear tine tiller to invest your hard-earned money.  Now, let’s have a look at the features that makes it worthy of appreciation.

Powerful torque engine

The machine runs by a 208cc Briggs and Straton engine which delivers high torque of an average 9.50 ft-lbs wit optimum rotational speed of 190 RPM. The rear tine tiller has made its stand as an outstanding machine due to the high power supply it provides and its capability of great performance.

Adjustable depth

If we talk about the most interesting and attractive feature certainly the 7 inches depth adjustment is the one and also provides a working depth of 6.5 inches that lets you cover a larger area within less time. Now, if we consider the rear tine design, the rear tine design is 18 inches wide! I hope this gives you an idea as to how efficient this machine can be.


The rear tine tiller offers you single-handed operation that allows flexibility in handling the tiller. You can hold and steer it with ease from both sides. Another amazing feature is the dual forward and reverse-rotation feature that lets you do more work within less time.

As a cultivator

The tines are 13 inches with the self-sharpening property that enables you to work more efficiently and with less hassle.

Sturdy wheels

The wheels are located at the front. They are about 13 inches and takes the front counterweight on them. The wheels are durable, sturdy and long-lasting as well.

Ease of use

Since it contains a self-propelled drive system, hence the usage is very comfortable and convenient. The drag bar is adjustable so carrying the tiller or maintaining balance will not be a big deal when it comes to this machine. Hence, the reasons are clear why this tiller is considered one of the best rear tine tillers.

  • Improved capabilities with all the necessary features
  • Easy to operate and handle
  • Delivers garden preparation with ease and convenience
  • The price is reasonable under the outstanding performance it delivers
  • You possibly cannot store the product in narrow places

2. Champion 19-Inch Dual Rotating Rear Tine Tiller – Editor’s Choice

The versatile and powerful dual rotating tine tiller that marks its position as one of the best rear tine tillers, is none other than the Champion 19-Inch dual rotating tine tiller. You can easily rely on this machine to deliver a well-prepared gardening yard.


The tires are perfect for any agricultural use. The tires are 13 inches with self-propelling quality with a unique design that gives them the right structure for gardening and cultivating purposes. They work efficiently even on uneven terrain that makes your job much easier.

Provides balance

The machine contains an interesting feature of an easily adjustable depth gauge which runs right behind the tiller. This ensures consistent depth maintenance while tilling. It also provides the necessary balance while moving the tiller.


The rear tines are made with durable hardened steel designed in a way t handle even the most challenging grounds. Four heavy-duty steel tines that are 13.8 inches takes the least effort yet makes its use dependable.


The tiller is powered by a 212cc engine with the feature of gear-drive transmission enclosed in an iron-case for ensuring its longevity.

Diverse functions

The tilling width is 19-inch and the tilling depth is 8-inch which enables coverage of more area and a well prepared cultivating ground. It also has a dual rotation in tilling for ensuring more flexibility.


The rear tine rototiller comes with a 2-year warranty and lifetime technical assistance. Thus, a great deal within the budget.

  • Optimum performance delivered with versatility and efficiency
  • It can even tame the toughest grounds
  • Additional features avail its flexible and convenient usage
  • The machine can take more effort while breaking dry and densely clayed grounds

3. Husqvarna CRT900L Rear Tine Tiller ​

The Husqvarna CRT900L Rear Tine is a combination of good control, powerful performance and flexible handling. The basic features are well-upgraded that makes this classic looking machine stand out in the market. The improved quality is a big YES for customers all around, especially passionate gardeners.

Upgraded engine

The engine is quite advanced which provides enough power for gardening through hard grounds. The engine is Briggs and Straton 900 OHV, hence quality and long term use is ensured.

Extended tilling width

The tilling width is extended to 17 inches which lets you cover more gardening space with less time and effort.

Well functioning tines

The tines are made of durable and sturdy steel material which function as counter-rotating tines. Since the wheels rotate in a forward motion and the tines anti-clockwise hence provides ease of usage when tilling the compact ground.

Gear transmission

Gear transmission indicates the slower speed of wheels that increases the torque meanwhile. Due to increased torques, better results are obtained.

Versatile Gear

There is a provision of both forward and reverse gears. The forward gears help to propel forward while the reverse gears work combined with the forward gears to make your task effortless.  Built-in drag bar gives the tiller a stable condition even in uneven and rough terrains.

  • Increased tilling width delivers better results
  • A double gearing feature improves the performance of the machine
  • Increased torque makes it a more speedy and reliable rear tine tiller
  • If you are looking for additional features, this might not be the best option for you
  • In some cases, the depth of 6.5 inches may not prove sufficient

4. Southland SRTT212 Rear Tine Tiller – Budget Pick

From hard and tough ground to light and effortless tilling, you can do almost every task with this machine. The Southland SRTT212 rear tine tiller is budget-friendly with high performing abilities. When you are investing in this product, you know your efforts and money will not go in vain! Indeed the best rear tine tiller for the money. Have a look at the features to know more:

Robust engine

It is powered by a strong engine of 212cc. An OHV 4-cycle power efficient energy- the right choice for perfectly tilling different types of soil. 

Advanced tines

The18 inches tines are made of durable material and great performance is ensured by the tines. Another feature of the machine is that they are self-sharpening, thus longevity of the tines is confirmed.

Heavy tires

The tires of the machine are heavy-duty tires and 13 inches in width. These strong tires not only serve with great quality but they are also durable enough to stand all kinds of landscape design.

Flexibility and convenience in usage

The rear tine tiller moves both in the forward and backward direction. So, you can run the machine with convenience and according to your requirements. The rear tine rototiller is equipped with easy manual recoil to start with easy fuel delivery system as well. It also comes with a front bull bar that lets you lift the tiller with ease and less effort into a truck bed.

Maximum mobility

Maximum mobility is ensured due to both forward and reverse motion run of the tiller.

Convenient storage

The rototiller is equipped with folding pistol grip handles that make the storage convenient and you can even store the machine in narrow places.

  • Additional features ensure easy transportation, handling and lifting as well
  • Optimum fuel and engine efficiency and performance are delivered by it
  • The machine is speedy in its way and ensures completion of tasks within less time
  • The depth of tilling is a bit less comparing to similar products

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5. Troy-Bilt Bronco 208cc Rear Tine Tiller

Tilling hard grounds can be a tough job; the Troy-Bilt Bronco 208cc rear tine garden tiller can break even the most challenging grounds and prepare them with the optimum outcome for gardening and cultivation. The basic features and lightweight are plus points to ensure the comfortable use of the machine. All these advantages make this machine one of the best rear tine tillers.

Advanced engine

It has a strong and powerful engine of 208cc. The engine is a Troy-Bilt 4-cycle engine that supplies enough power to tackle the toughest grounds. The engine is well built to ensure the durability of the machine with the consistency of performance.

Gear-drive transmission

Gear drive transmission increases the torque power of the engine enabling the highest performance by it. The system is encased in a bronze encase made of cast-iron so the system renders consistent performance with durability.

Tilling width

The tilling width of the tiller is enough to give you a satisfactory outcome. It has a tilling width of 14 inches, perfect for every task!


Now, the material of the machine is a big factor because this is what ensures the durability of the product. The tiller material is a high-end carbon steel that provides strength and ensures longevity.

Additional features

Talking about additional features, no, not just a fancy feature with no considerable necessity but an efficient feature that doubles the performance of your tiller. The tiller is equipped with a reverse-power feature that helps to move backward from the narrow areas with ease.

  • Tines are durable and sturdy enough to break the toughest soil
  • The machine and its gears are durable enough for ensuring great performance for long
  • The machine is light-weighted which makes transportation easy
  • Lacks fancy and advanced features providing the basic requirements only

A Complete Buying Guide For Your Convenience In Buying A Rear Tine Tiller

A rear tine tiller has been considered one of the most important tools for a serious gardener. Even if you are someone just beginning his gardening passion, this tool is equally important for you. In consideration of the different requirements a rear tine rototiller can fulfill, there are different models of this tool that serve different purposes. No matter what your requirement is, this significant tool will cost you hundreds or more. So you wouldn’t want to invest in something that brings you remorse later on, right? Hence, let us go through a few considerable points that will clear your path as to which tiller should you choose.

What Is A Rear Tine Tiller?

The only thing to distinguish between a front-tine and rear tine tiller is the location of tines and wheels. In a rear tine tiller, the tines are located behind the wheels while wheels take the lead. In this case, the wheels at an early stage, level the ground for gardening and later on the tines do the mixing and churning. Now the question is, how do they help? Rear tine rototillers are easier and convenient to use in rocky places or uneven areas. You can get good control over the tilling process with this product. All over, a rear tine tiller is used more as the usage is comfortable and convenient as well.

Why Choose Rear Tine Tillers Over Others?

There are mainly two types of tillers- front-tine tillers and rear-tine tillers. Front tine tillers are useable in the already loosened, churned up soil, they might even cost less. They are also used for small and narrow places as they are comparatively smaller in size. But rear tine tillers are the tools that do the heavy-duty works. They can be used over un-tilled soil and can help the tilling process from beginning to end. They work efficiently even on rough and uneven soil. Even a small rear tine tiller will deliver equal performance.  All these make them worthy of the extra investment you are willing to put on them.

Rear tine tillers come with unique features that make their usage more prominent and essential for any gardener –

  • They are more powerful
  • They are larger and can easily cover larger grounds
  • Their tilling depth is more allowing to dig deeper into the soil
  • They can also run over uneven and tough soil
  • Additional settings to help loosen difficult soil
  • Powerful and well-structured wheels work best in straight lines
  • They can easily do both light and heavy-duty works


Before you invest your hard-earned money in this tool you need to look out for a few points. Check them and you know what to buy!

Engine and Power

The engine acts as the brain of a machine. Engine power and efficiency is something that matters the most. A high-quality engine is essential for getting the best results. Even in the case of tillers, engine matters the most. Two types of engines are available in rototillers- 2-cycle and 4-cycle engines. A tiller’s power depends on the engine undoubtedly.

A 2-stroke engine is powerful and you can comprehend that from the noise it makes! This is pretty much the only benefit of it, they are not convenient and prone to breakdowns. Whereas 4-cycle engines are way more convenient and beneficial. They are powerful yet make lesser noise. They are also fuel-efficient that means fuel consumption is reduced, reducing your investment as well!  Hence 4-stroke engines are more reliable and desirable by gardeners.


In rear tine garden tillers, the tines are located behind the agricultural tires. Best rear tillers are chosen based on the sturdy tines they have. The tines need to be durable enough which is ensured by the material they are made of. Tines are usually made of hard or carbon steel. They have good tilling depth. The strong material lets them dig deeper and run through rocky and rough soil.

Tilling Depth and width

The usual width of rear tine tillers is about 20 inches, they can be narrow as 10 inches as well. A rear tine tiller is a heavy and large tool. Hence, the wider tiller will allow you to cover more area with less turning. Increased tilling width is good to use in large and geometric garden beds like rectangular, linear or square gardening areas. Narrow tilling width is necessary for usage of the tiller in irregular, curvy or uneven places. Rear tine tiller cannot be turned in the mid-fit so you need to measure and calculate turnings before-hand.

Rear tine tillers offer a good tilling depth. The more the tilling depth, the deeper the tiller can dig and the more effective the result can b obtained. You need to look for about a 10 inches tilling depth for efficient performance.

Manual or Electric Start

Rear tine tillers come with two different start types- manual and electric. Manual starts are similar to the lawn-mower starts. You need to pull the cord to start the machine. Upgraded models of rear tillers have electric starts. It allows you to start the machine within the push of a single button.

Electric start tiller will cost you more. So here, you need to consider the price more. You need to understand the importance of electric starts for you. Is it essential or you should find more convenient ways to manually start the tiller?

Heavy Tires

Rear tine tillers are designed to undergo heavy-duty tasks. Hence, the tires need to be well-structures strong and heavy as well. A good pair of tires will move efficiently, lessening your manual efforts. It also helps to improve your control over the tool.

The minimum tire width should be 13 inches. Tire consideration should be based on the type of soil you will run the machine on. If the soil has too much clay then good traction is a considerable factor for tires. It is best to look for tires that effectively work in all kinds of soil.

The engine runs the tires. This is an advantage of using a rear tine tiller since all you need to do is the guide and control the pathway of movement.

Counter-Weight Balance

Rear tillers are usually heavy and large. Thus good balance is a must while you run them. The counter-weight feature allows you to have good control over the machine. It ensures the stability of the tool. By helping the balancing of the machine, the tiller is prevented from frequent jerking. It makes your maneuverability easier and convenient.


Drag bar is not a constant feature in all rear tillers. But this is indeed a great feature to have in your tiller! The drag bar runs behind your tiller making the maneuverability easier also ensuring consistency depth reach of the machine. They are adjustable as well according to the soil type you are working on.

Handling The Tool

There are two kinds of handles on a tiller, fixed or adjustable. The fixed handles are located at a height that average people will find convenient to work at. The obvious benefit of an adjustable handle-bar is that they can be adjusted to different heights according to your ease. You can thus work more comfortably with an adjustable handle-bar. But they will certainly affect your budget.

There are two kinds of handles based on an operation by hands- one-handed or bike-style handles and two-handed or pistol-grip handles. Bike-style handles are operable using one hand only while pistol grips offer better control over the tiller.

Gear Tranmission

Transmission is a significant feature while buying a tiller. It will indicate the speed you can get out of the tiller. There are three different types of gear transmission- reverse, forward, and neutral transmission.

Reverse transmission for the smooth running of the machine or you will find the tiller stuck at places. Backward gear transmission allows the tool to back out with ease otherwise a heavy machine like it would take huge efforts to move out.

The forward gear does the most significant job here. It manages the tiller to move forward and does the tilling as well. There are multiple forward speeds in the upgraded models. This may prove beneficial at some points but you need to consider the extra cost here. Are you willing to pay more or would you find alternatives to this additional feature?

Neutral gears tend to make tilling and transportation easier and comfortable.

Tiller Rotation

Rear tine tillers usually have two styles of rotation. Some have either one or the other upgraded models that may have both.

In forward-rotation style, the wheels and tines rotate in the same direction. Forward rotation is essential to remove reduce and loosen the upper layer of soil preparing it primarily for planting purposes.

In counter-rotation, the wheels and tines rotate in the opposite direction or the backward direction. This is beneficial in the compact ground since effective mixing and churning can be done through this rotation. Never-tilled grounds need this kind of rotation for preparing them for gardening and cultivation.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

How Does A Rear Tine Tiller Function?

Rear tine tillers are comfortable to use. They function according to your will. Since the wheels are located at the front, The wheels run pulling the tiller forward. You can stop the machine at your desired spot. When you have reached the right spot, all you need to do is pull the lever to spin the tines. With the frontal part lowered, the tines are pushed into the soil. Digging in the soil, the tines reach a good depth and do the mixing effectively delivering a great outcome.

Which is Better Between a Front Tine and A Rear Tine Tiller?

The answer to this problem depends on the situation. Front tine tillers have tines located at the front with engines right above them and wheel behind the tines. Contradictorily, in the case of the rear tine tillers, the tines are mounted behind the wheels with the engine located in front of the tines. The usage and properties of the two types of tillers are different. The front tine rototiller is used to till the soil in narrow, congested places whereas the rear tine tillers are good to run in open and large grounds.

What is The Maximum Depth a Rear Tine Tiller Can Reach?

The general width of rear tines is 12-16 inches with a depth of 5-6 inches. The deeper the tines can reach the more is the price of the tiller. The tines reaching more depth ensure better mixing of soil nutrients preparing a better gardening bed for cultivation. The maximum depth a rear tine tiller can reach is up to 8-10 inches with a width of almost 20-30 inches. This delivers the highest quality performance of the rototillers.

Why Should You Consider Purchasing a Rear Tine Tiller?

After all the information about rear tine tillers, their properties, functions, it’s time to talk about their necessity? Why are so many gardeners keen to invest in these tillers? Here’s a list of the interesting and unique features which make them attractive machines for the gardeners for pursuing their passion.

You can spin the tines according to your will making the usage convenient for you.

The engines are located at the front. This helps to give more strength to the whole machine. You can run them with ease and 100% satisfactory outcome is delivered even in the roughest places.

New models have improvised features like adjustable depth- this makes all the tasks easier and more effective.

The tires of the wheels are mostly agricultural tires that are bigger. They also have a sturdy structure offering more stability.

Additional structures around the tines like shields that provide more safety of the tiller and so they ensure longevity.

Final Thought

After all the discussion, I’m sure you are clear about the necessity of a rear tine tiller. Now, why should you choose a rear tine tiller over a cultivator? A cultivator is no match for a rear tine tiller for the amount of great power and efficiency the tiller has to offer you.

Yes, you might think why do you need to purchase a simple gardening tool that is costly enough? The answer is simple, this will serve you for a longer time. This is a must needed tool for gardening and that is durable also. Investing in a high-quality rear tine tiller will help you with gardening for years and years. They might be a bit costly but they reduce your regular huge efforts in shoveling which makes them worth the price! You can also buy any cheap rear tine tiller available in the market considering your requirements, which will serve you with good performance as well. All the mentioned points in our buying guide will help answer your question of what is the best rear tine tiller to buy according to your requirements. No more holding on to your dreams, time to pursue them to make them real!

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  1. You might want to try a long term test on these. I’ve had my Yardmax y4565 for 2 seasons and have had many issues with it. Currently in the garage completely disassembling and rebuilding the transmission, the latest issue. Fortunately that requires a total machine disassemble ;). The Briggs engine is very good, but the rest isn’t well engineered/ built.


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