5 Best Fertilizer for Apple Trees in 2022 Reviews & Buying Guide

There’s a proverb that goes like this: “As you sow, so you reap.” Literally, this proverb is too logical for tree plantation. If we take good care of trees, especially fruit trees, we shall get the desirable result. Apple tree care is also essential in the same way.

Best fertilizer for Apple Trees for Gardening

Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K) are the primary ingredients of these products. Besides, these fertilizers have other essential macronutrients. Like other fruit trees, fertilizers with these nutrients are necessary for proper growth, productivity, and apple trees’ strength.

You may have searched “best fertilizer for apple trees” on the web and reached us. But we assure you are not leaving with empty hands. We have hands-on experience in planting apple trees in small to large size orchards. Among multiple brands and models of apple fertilizers, the below items are our top picks.

Are you going to learn why we have kept them on our list? We welcome you cordially till the last part!

Our Top Picks

1. Best for Fast-Acting: Jobe’s Organics Fruit & Citrus Fertilizer
“it can release soil nutrients faster that helps apple trees grow faster.”

2. Best for Root Growth: Dr. Earth Organic Fertilizer
“Probiotics helps to make roots firm and stronger.”

3. Best for Green Yields: Miracle-Gro Fertilizer Spikes for Trees
“Calcium boosts the lush foliage and fruit production.”

4. Best for Affordable Plantation: Urban Farm Fertilizers Apples & Oranges
“A gallon concentrated product can make 256 gallons fertilizer.”

5. Best for All-Purpose Applications: J R Peters Inc All Purpose Fertilizer
“Suitable for most fruits and citrus trees.”

What is the best time to fertilize apple trees?

We have seen many people asking this common but tricky question. You cannot just mix fertilizer in soil under extreme heat or rain. Spring is the best time for fertilizing apple trees. For more clarity, early spring is the best idea. These are because trees need more energy to push out a new look, blooming flowers, and bearing baby fruits. This time you should feed the trees while bud-break or a growing season is going on. We suggest you not choose the fall season for fertilizing as trees drop out leaves on the next season, winter. There is no chance of notable growth after using fertilizer in the fall.

Best Fertilizer for Apple Trees Reviews 2021

1. Jobe’s Organics Fruit & Citrus Fertilizer

Jobe’s Organics Fruit and Citrus Fertilizer

While we were running our tests of apple tree plantation, we used several products strategically. But we have marked Jobe’s Organics fertilizer as the best one. This organic food for apple trees comes in granular form to act faster on serving them nutrients properly.

USDA has already approved this as OMRI listed safe organic fertilizer for its purity. It contains no preservatives or synthetic chemicals. Instead, the manufacturer applied the Biozome formula to lock the soil quality for an extended time. It is a mixture of helpful soil bacteria, mycorrhizal fungi, and archaea.

After applying this fertilizer to a portion of our apple trees for testing, we have seen incredible results. There were no possible diseases, insect raids, drought after the applications. Moreover, we have seen the plants’ roots were growing correctly. They also grew faster, and the fruit production was appreciable.

This fertilizer is applicable for versatile tree plantations like a crab apple tree, pear, cherry, plum, lemon, avocado, and many more. You can find the product in an easy-pour bag of 1.5, 4-, 6-, 8-, and 16-pounds bags.

What makes it different:

We brought it on top of the list for its faster action when soil nutrients need to restore quickly. You can apply it every 2-3 months to maintain the soil quality.

NPK Ratio: 3-5-5

  • Biozome formula works great for quick results
  • USDA approved as OMRI listed safe organic fertilizer
  • Maintains soil quality and nutrient abundance for a long time
  • Applicable on most fruit, citrus, and nut trees
  • Safe for environment, kids, and pets
  • It makes the roots of apple trees stronger
  • Prevents drought, diseases, and loss of fruits
  • You may have a bad smell for a while till plants’ absorption
  • Comparatively lower NPK ratio

2. Dr. Earth Organic and Natural Wonder Fertilizer

Dr. Earth Organic and Natural Wonder Fertilizer

You’ve either learned or read something about apple trees’ nature. They require much energy to grow entirely and bear fruits. Some chemical mixture in the soil would do the work. But they can damage the roots a lot. In this case, organic and natural fertilizer works like a super source of power: no more weak roots, no hamper in production.

Dr. Earth is a fully natural and organic apple tree fertilizer. We applied it thoroughly on another portion of our tests. Before application, trees’ roots were easily uprooted, and some were dying for lack of ample nutrients. When we mixed the product in the soil, no more issues left. So, this fertilizer is tremendous in apple trees’ root restoration.

The magical formula, known as Probiotics, is very much friendly in different fruit trees plantation. It can boost the growth of soil microorganisms. Alongside, the soil microbe strains and ecto- and endo- mycorrhizae are also mixed with Probiotics. In easy words, it helps to flow the nutrients from the root to the leaf edges.

This fertilizer improves nutrient availability with solid drought tolerance. We are satisfied with the equal and constant growth of all trees. However, you can apply in other fruit trees plantation too. Our selected product is available in 25 pounds large pack.

What makes it different:

From our farming experience, we can assure you that this organic and natural wonder fertilizer is perfect for full-proof root growth. We recommend you apply this twice a year (possibly March and October)

NPK Ratio: 5-5-2

  • Single application feeds trees for several months
  • Probiotic with other ingredients help growing root strongly
  • Releases organic nutrients slowly for a long time feeding
  • No need of using other harmful chemicals for rapid growth
  • Improved taste of fruits after using the fertilizer in plantation
  • Environment, kids, friendly product
  • We found some complaints about the foul smell of fertilizer
  • Pets may not remain entirely safe nearby application of Dr. Earth fertilizer

3. Miracle-Gro Fertilizer Spikes for Fruit and Citrus Trees

Miracle-Gro Fertilizer Spikes for Fruit and Citrus Trees

Our 3rd choice is the Miracle-Gro fertilizer spikes. This is kind of different stuff the above two products. Why? Because they look like big nails which you need to drive below the soil surface. It does not require any mixing into the ground. So, already you are saving your time in caring for fruits and citrus trees.

A 3-pounds bag contains 12 pieces of spikes for applying multiple times. Many experts already used it in the spring and fall seasons, twice a year for operational performance. During these seasons, trees need much energy from the soil. A Miracle-Gro spike can regenerate or release the juice of the soil faster.

We have seen trees were glowing where we used the spikes. Talking about the application, all you need to drive it at 2 inches depth near the trees’ root zone. Then, uncap the plastic and see the magic soon!

The spikes contain all-natural ingredients to improve lush foliage and more fruit production. Besides, the fruit size also gets more extensive. However, you can apply these spikes in different fruits and citrus trees plantation.

What makes it different:

Who does not like to see deep, vibrant yields and large size apples? Calcium with other nutrients helps to enlarge the size of fruits. Also, the colors of trees become attractive and satisfying after applying them twice a year.

NPK Ratio: 10-15-15

  • No water premix needed to drive spikes
  • Improves the lush foliage and sizes of fruits
  • Calcium among the ingredients increases the tastes of the apples
  • Whole organic without any harmful agents
  • Fulfills the nutrient needs of trees from soil
  • It can be less effective on potted plants
  • Some users found it dry and broken apart when they put these spikes into the ground

4. Urban Farm Fertilizers Apples & Oranges

Urban Farm Fertilizers Apples and Oranges

This time we have selected Urban Farm Apple & Oranges fertilizer. It is a cost-saving idea for planting apples in any size orchard. You would love to apply this super-concentrated liquid fruit and citrus fertilizer.

Urban Farm is a family-owned business who already did many farming experiments. They created this hand-crafted and micro-brewed product for cultivating multiple fruits. Different organic ingredients and mycorrhizae, Humic acid, enzymes, minerals, kelp etc. are used in this concentrated fertilizer.

This 100% water-soluble fertilizer can cover the whole orchard. The owner says you can make 256 gallons of fertilizer from the 1-gal container. Just mix the liquid in water to prepare the fertilizer. Then, apply through drip systems, hose ends, hydroponics, manual watering etc.

What makes it different:

If you love to water plants, you can choose this concentrated apple and citrus tree fertilizer. A gallon container will last longer than other fertilizers.

NPK Ratio: 4.5-2.0-4.2

  • Extremely concentrated fertilizer for apple trees
  • One gallon liquid makes up to 256 gallons of active fertilizer
  • It contains natural and organic ingredients with ample calcium
  • Hand-crafted product, so the quality is always maintained
  • Increase the production of apple trees
  • It requires water to make the final product

5. J R Peters Inc All Purpose Fertilizer

J R Peters Inc All Purpose Fertilizer

J R Peters fertilizer is our final pick of fertilizer for apple trees. It goes towards the root of the trees. Then, it works superbly to make the root and stems strong. How did we find that? Well, this is also a test product for our apple tree cultivation. The results are visible in the fruits we had from the orchards.

The perfect blend of enhanced micronutrients offers a tremendous healthy plantation. You will see the green foliage and intense roots of the apple trees soon. Again, the 4-pounds container comes with a free spoon for simple application.

It starts releasing vital nutrients with the help of sunlight. We applied the fertilizer by adding some water to it. However, if you follow the direction of uses, there will be no burning.

What makes it different:

J R Peters Inc fertilizer works on most apple-like fruits and citrus trees. It is a budget-friendly idea for planting small to medium size apple orchards.

NPK Ratio: 20-20-20

  • Applicable on most fruit, flowers, and citrus trees
  • Works excellent in turning a dull orchard to green foliage
  • The free spoon helps to apply easily
  • It makes tree roots stronger
  • It works with sunlight so that it won’t be much effective in a shady place

What kind of soil do apple trees like?

Apple trees can grow on versatile soil quality or textures, density, acidity, and structure. But you need to keep the soil fertile. Soil from medium clay to sandy loam is the best one for apple trees. The pH level needs to remain close to neutral (like 5.7-6.6).

Can you plant an apple tree near your house?

Large trees are not suitable for planting near the house as they can damage the building. Also, there is a chance of making the place dark, blocking sunlight and air. But apple trees are not like them. The root of the apple trees spread well. Besides, they cannot block air or light too. As a result, you can plant them happily.

How to fertilize – Fertilizing new apple trees organically

Here are few tips for organically fertilizing the new apple trees:

  • Mark your expectation of how much growth you want to see in apple trees.
  • Adding much Nitrogen is a bad idea as it can promote soft growth, which makes trees vulnerable in winter.
  • Apply organic products such as fish fertilizer, alfalfa meal, blood meal etc. in the apple trees plantation

Apple tree fertilizer ratio:

NPK or the combination of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium are the most mutual ingredients of fertilizers. So, the ratio of these ingredients is the way to know how impactful the fertilizer would be. Usually, experts suggest picking up fertilizers with a 10-10-10 NPK ratio. However, it can be different in versatile fertilizers. You need to know the user directions.

Buying Guide – Choosing the Best apple tree fertilizer

Here is a brief discussion of buying guide. You can follow them for the best outcome.


You can purchase fertilizers in many forms. Concentrated, spikes, granule, spray – these are common among them. Liquid fertilizers are applicable regularly when plants are in a growing session. Sprays are functional after every 2 weeks. Spikes are granules that are suitable for twice or once a year.


If you do not know the amount of fertilizer you need, you will be in trouble. Firstly, you can read the package instructions for clarity. Secondly, you can follow the trial and error method to have hands-on experience. Thirdly, adjust the fertilizer according to trees growth. As an example, add more fertilizer if the trees are falling short or less productive.


Harmful chemicals can damage the apple trees. Instead, you should prefer fertilizers with natural and organic ingredients. You can check our lists of products that have no additives or inorganic chemicals.

NPK Ratio

We suggest you choose balanced fertilizer as it cannot harm the growth of the fruit trees. You can learn about the NPK ratio by looking at the packaging.

Final Verdict

How was our review? Did you like that?

Yes! We tried to include every single piece of information about the best fertilizer for apple trees. Our in-depth research, practical experience has led us to produce the list well. You can see, each product is helpful, effective in proper apple tree growth. Also, they improve the root strength, fruit production after applying correctly.

We are not stopping you from buying other fertilizers. But think again! Our top picks will always be there with you.

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